Volez, Voguez, Voyagez – The Louis Vuitton Exhibition


Photo credits @camera-scope

The American Stock Exchange Building in NYC has since been transformed into a time capsule of sorts; where true luxury and iconic history join forces to create the ultimately immersive Louis Vuitton experience.

Curated by Olivier Saillard, Volez, Voguez, Voyagez is an exhibition that illustrates the history of the House of Louis Vuitton from 1854 to the present through highly stylized settings and of course, one of a kind and iconic Louis Vuitton works.

We visited the pop-up experience on a Saturday and the check in process was as smooth and seamless as one would expect from a luxury brand.  The first friendly face we met was a lovely brand ambassador who handed out brochures and directed us to the check-in lobby.  We stood behind a large group of tourists for not even 2 minutes before another ambassador guided us to an empty check in line where our phones were quickly scanned (no need to print out tickets!) and we were in.

The exhibition is comprised of several rooms, each with a unique theme.  You’ll note that each piece is tagged with a description card which also indicates it’s origins; many of the pieces were previously owned by old Hollywood stars and socialites.  It all culminates into a unique experience in the “workshop” room where you get to watch artisans create luggage handles and more all live.

If you’re just doing it for the ‘gram, don’t worry it appears Saillard and the team thought of that too.  Keep reading for tips on where to get the best shots to brighten up your feed for months to come.

The “train station”: Found immediately after check in.  Opposite of the projection image is the subway tiled Louis Vuitton wall.

The framed Eye-Love Monograms (Takashi Murakami design): Located on the left wall in the trunk room where the butterfly trunks are featured in the center case.  It’s a tight space so prepared for a one and done shot!

The Louis Vuitton graffiti wall: Covers the walls in the final room.  In the corners right near the entrance, you can get a full body shot with an unobstructed backdrop.  Save your battery power for this!  And practice your standing poses; although there is a small ledge you cannot sit or lean on it.

For the day, I wore my standard “it’s getting cold as hell” uniform: all black.
Jacket: ASOS
Silk Scarf: The Kooples
Fringe bag: Zadig et Voltaire
Booties: H&M

The exhibition is open from now until January 7th, 2018 and is completely FREE: just register here.  If you’re a LV fan like myself, visiting in a no brainer.  But for everyone else, it’s a great way to pass some time and perhaps impress some friend and family who are in NY for the holiday!

Well, that was fun.  Where should I go next??



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