Hello November: Editor’s Note

This past weekend, I was pretty much all set to have a kick ass Halloween.  I had a costume idea I was in love with, a party go to and friends to meet up with.  The next day (Sunday) I was fully prepared to rock my sunglasses and advil to an overpriced brunch and then head to a free Nets game because ya girl got a plug.

Instead, I spent the entire weekend indoors, nursing a 5-alarm toothache that came out of no where.  You know, the cute kind that feels like Jigsaw is stabbing you with hot dagger repeatedly??

So why am I telling you all this?  Consider this a friendly reminder that things rarely go as planned.  In fact, things tend to go so off the rail that one unexpected event can have you re-evaluating your entire life.

If you’re anything like me, that’s enough to make you want to quit.  But the thing about quitting is that even though you give up, life still goes on all around you.  So unless being even farther behind in life is one of your #goals, you have to keep pushing.  <3 Tee



image via http://quotesblog.net/hello-november-photos/

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