Easy Halloween Inspired Makeup Tutorials

Can we just quickly talk about how lame it is when Halloween lands on a weeknight?  If your job frowns upon showing up dressed as the Wonder Woman you are, consider the below tutorials that you can easily do between clocking out and happy hour.  I specifically tried to choose videos that are 10 minutes and under, feature products in the description box, and give instructions via voice over (rather than a silent watch me get ready).  Enjoy!

Glitter Cat via Too Much Mouth
Complete the look with an all black outfit and cat ears.  Boom.

Glam Jack O Lantern via LesleyMarie1213
Something about this gives me sexy but possibly crazy girl next door.  The obvious choice would be an outfit featuring a burnt orange, red/orange hue but you could totally get away with a LBD. I say go for it and wear the hottest outfit you haven’t taken pictures in yet.

Easy Clown Makeup via Hayley Bui
One of the few makeup looks that don’t require a head accessory.   Pair with a dark colored jumpsuit, Harley Quinn style.


Ice Queen by Jessica Vu
The perfect excuse to wear white after Labor Day if you believe in that sort of thing.


Easy Last Minute Looks by Luhhsetty
Issa 3-in-1!  Like the lovely Luhhsetty suggests, just pair any of these with an all black outfit for the ultimate lazy girl hack.


Which look did you choose?  Comment down below!

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